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A Meta-Analysis of the Inclusion of Bio-Mos® in Milk or Milk Replacer Fed to Dairy Calves on Daily Weight Gain in the Pre-Weaning Period

Objective: This meta-analysis determines the effect of Bio- Mos®, a mannan-oligosaccharide, supplementation to preweaned dairy source calves on average daily weight gain (ADG) pre-weaning. Methods: A literature search was performed and peerreviewed studies and abstract proceedings were included. Studies were included where Bio-Mos®- supplemented calves were compared to control calves and weights were measured pre-weaning. A random effect meta-analysis was performed for overall effect and also comparing the effect stratified on type of liquid feed that the calves received. Results: A total of 23 cohort studies performed in USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, the Czech republic, India, Japan, Peru, Poland, Spain and Turkey between 1993 and 2012 were included in the meta-analysis. The Bio-Mos® supplementation ranged from 2-10 g per day, with an average inclusion of 3.8 g per day. Twenty-one studies reported an increased daily weight gain in calves fed Bio- Mos® in milk or milk replacer compared to control calves. The random effects meta-analysis model estimated that Bio-Mos®- supplemented calves gained 0.064 kg/day (95% CI 0.047-0.081 kg/day) more than unsupplemented control calves (P-value <0.01). When stratified on type of feed, the estimates were similar; for milk replacer calves a 0.055 kg/day increased weight gain, for milk feed calves a 0.071 kg/day weigh gain and for waste milk/milk replacer calves a 0.068 kg/day weight gain advantage in Bio-Mos®- supplemented calves compared to unsupplemented control calves. Funnel plots indicated no publication bias or reporting bias. Conclusion: The meta-analysis concludes that Bio-Mos® supplementation of milk or milk replacer can be expected to on average result in 64 g more weight gain per day in preweaned dairy calves, which would correspond to 3.8 kilo higher weights for calves weaned at 2 months of age.


Anna Catharina Berge

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