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Effects of Active Composition of Garlic Powder, Clover Powder and Savory Essence of Khuzestan (Satureja khuzistanica) on Fat Reduction, Carcass Quality and Improvement of Oxidative Stability and Shelf-life of Broilers Meat

This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of active composition of different levels of garlic powder, clover powder and Satureja of Khuzestan (SK) essential oils on performance traits, fat reduction, carcass quality, meat quality and quantity, shelf-life, carcass traits, functional components, the concentration of the blood and immune system, metabolites and carcass antioxidant properties. A total number of 560 one-day old chicks of commercial Ross strain-308 were allocated in a completely randomized design with 7 treatments and 4 replicates of 20 birds per each replicate. Treatments were: 1. Control treatment (without additive). 2. Treatment containing garlic powder in two levels (2% and 4% of diet), 3. Clover powder treatment on two levels (5% and 10% food ration), and 4. Khuzestan satureja (Savory) essential oil in two levels (400 and 500 mg/kg). At 38 days of age, one bird from each replicate was randomly slaughtered and 30 cc blood and serum samples were taken from the jugular vein with syringes to evaluate the immune system, blood metabolites and anti-oxidant condition of broilers. The results showed that the impact of active constituents of garlic powder, clover powder and essential oils of savory for different treatments on the amount of dry matter, crude protein, crude fat and water holding capacity (WHC) and fat peroxidation of breast tissue at different times were significant (P<0.05). The results showed that the level of 10 percent clover powder relative to other treatments leads to reduction of WHC and the percentage of fat breast tissue. With regard to the different times of keeping meat Chest at freezer (0, 24 and 48 hours) the amount of breast tissue on fat peroxidation showed statistical differences. Production of Malonedialdehyde (MDA) in the breast meat did not show significant difference in experimental treatments (P<0.05). Preservation at different times showed significant impact on the amount of MDA production of breast meat (P<0.05). After a 48-hour freezing, the concentration of Malone aldehyde in breast meat of birds which received different levels of clover powder were less than the birds fed with essential savory and garlic powder (P<0.05).


Rahimi Drakhshandah, Mansoori Yarahmadi Hossein, Yaghobfar Akbar, Fakhraei Jafar

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