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Nematode Parasite Load and Growth in Scottish Blackface Sheep

gastrointestinal parasitism is a global problem for grazing ruminants which can be addressed in a sustainable way through breeding animals to be more resistant to disease. This study estimates the genetic parameters of common and new disease phenotypes associated with natural nematode and coccidian infection in Scottish Blackface sheep to underpin future genetic improvement strategies for parasite control. Data on faecal egg counts (FEC) from different species of strongyle parasites and faecal oocyst counts (FOC) from coccidian parasites were collected on 3-month-old lambs together with a faecal soiling score in the breech area dagginess (DAG) and live weight (LWT). Faecal count data were obtained for Strongyles (FECS), Nematodirus (FECN) and Coccidia (FOC). Data from 3 731 lambs sampled between 2011 and 2017 were included. Faecal egg counts and DAG records were log-transformed prior to analysis

Author(s): Madhu

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