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replacement of Sunflower Meal with Moringa Oleifera Leaves or Its Combination With Phytase Enzyme on Growth Performance and Blood Profile of Broiler

The present research work was conducted to evaluate the effect of replacement of sunflower meal with Moringa oleifera leaves meal or its combination with phytase enzyme on blood profile of broiler. Two hundred day-old Ross broiler chicks from a commercial hatchery were purchased & after initial weight; birds were arbitrarily separated in groups, i.e. In group A (control), 0% MOLM and Phytase enzyme g/kg, group B, 2.5% MOLM, group C, 2.5% MOLM with combination of 0.075 g/kg Phytase enzyme and in group D, 0.075 g/kg Phytase enzyme were provided in broiler feed. Parameters which selected in present research work as,Result showed that, the live body weight in group C diet recorded significantly (P<0.05) the maximum body weight gain, feed intake in group A feed intake was higher than group B, C and D,The water intake of group A (control) was although in different treatments groups B, C and group D. Maximum water intake was recorded in group A (control) and minimum in treated group C (L/chick), the FCR percentage showed non-significantly different from groups A, B from one another while significant from group C and D in feed conversion ratio (FCR) among the groups,The dressing percentage in group C was higher than group B, D and group A (control),Mortality percentage of broiler chicks in different treatment groups was minimum supplement with Moringa oleiferia leaves with combination of Phytase enzyme, The highest weight of liver, gizzard, heart, intestine were noted in treated group C comparatively, highest spleen weight was in group B and in group A (control) the minimum weight of spleen was noted and theaverage blood profile of broiler chicks in different groups, the white blood cells was significantly higher in group D followed by group A, group B and C. Red blood cells was significantly (P<0.05) better in group C. Haemoglobin was significantly differences in different groups of trial. A significant (P<0.05) difference in Packed cells volume in group A followed by group B, C and D. Total protein in group A was minimum followed by group B, C and D, respectively.From the present study, it was concluded that supplementation with 2.5% MOLM with the combination of 0.075 g/kg Phytase enzyme have better effect on growth performance and blood profile of broiler.


Fida Noor Baloch, Hafeez Noor Baloch , Muhammad Arif Baloch, Gulfam Ali Mughal

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