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Comparison of Production Process and Nutritive Value Of Atella And Brewersâ?? Grain

In Ethiopia, there is a deficiency of oat grains, protein sources, nutrients and mineral enhancements needed to detail adjusted proportions. The present circumstance warrants to survey farming and agro-modern results and consolidation of reasonable ones into ruminant proportions. A portion of the cereal grain side-effects, especially aging buildups from cocktails and refreshments are plentiful in certain pieces of the country. The Ethiopian nearby brew by items, for example, Atella is created in enormous sums whole the year (Demeke, 2007). Atella is a buildup of home blended brew in Ethiopia both in metropolitan and country zone. It is principally utilized for creatures independently orin mix with other feed sources. People groups feed atella their cows to get more milk yield while others to stuffing creatures


Abdul Rafi

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