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Food Chemistry 2018: Mathematical modeling of the chemical and sensory changes within almonds throughout storage- Ozan N Ciftci-University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Additional investigations of almond degradation below typical industrial storage circumstances from a quantitative perspective are warranted. This education modelled the effects of packaging, temperature (TEMP), qualified humidity (RH), and boiling on chemical attributes of almonds kept according to common industry practices throughout 16 months. Almonds were assessed bimonthly for oxidation products, free fatty acids, moisture content, and water activity. Results indicated roasting almonds improved quality preservation. Models showed HBB (rather than PPB) to provide benefits to stability comparable to reductions in storage TEMP of ~15 to 30 °C. Roasted examples stayed stored in high―barrier bags (HBB) or polypropylene bags (PPB) at numerous mixtures of TEMP and RH. Raw samples were held in unlined cardboard cartons (UC) or PPB under the same conditions.


Ozan N Ciftci

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