Simple Method for Estimation of Efficacy of Feed Enzymes

Today there is no single standardized method for determining the activity of NSP destroying enzymes. Each NSP enzyme manufacturer uses own approach as well as its analytical conditions (pH, temperature, substrate, etc.). In practice, the determination of enzyme activity shows activity of a particular enzyme, included in a commercial product. This creates a difficulty to navigate for consumers and to compare this variety of available products in the market. In this work Cherkizovo research centre suggested to use concept of “enzyme efficacy” and developed new method for its quantitative analysis. It was demonstrated that the end product of the enzymatic reaction can act as a working indicator of the enzyme efficacy. The authors demonstrate simple method for estimation of enzyme efficacy and suggest using it as preliminary result when assessing the possibility of using them for a particular diet and various feed raw materials.


Boris Sonichev, Sergej Shapovalov

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