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Supplementation Effect of Acacia tortilis pod on Growth Performances and Carcass Characteristics of Woyto-Guji Goats Fed a Basal Diet of Desho Grass Hay

This study aimed to evaluate supplementation effect of Acacia tortilis pod meal on the feed intake, nutrient digestibility, and weight gain and carcass characteristics of yearling male Woyto-Guji goats. Twenty yearling male Woyto-Guji goats with initial weight of 18.40 ± 1.23 kg (mean ± SD) were arranged in a completely randomized block design to four experimental diets. The experimental diets comprised of 20% of Acacia tortilis pod+78% of wheat bran (T1); 38% of Acacia toritlis pod+ 60% of wheat bran (T2); 58% of Acacia tortilis pod+40% of wheat bran (T3); and 20% of noug cake +78% of wheat bran(T4). In addition, all experimental diets contained 1% of table salts or mineral mixture. Five goats were randomly assigned to one of the experimental diets and the actual feeding of experimental goats was lasted for 90 days and followed by 7 days of a digestibility trial. The results indicated that goats supplemented with T2 diet consumed significantly higher (p<0.001) total dry matter and nutrients as compared to T1, T3 and T4 and though the total dry matter intake did not vary in goats received diet 1 or 2. Conversely, the result on nutrient digestibility coefficient indicated that goats supplemented with T2 digested the highest total dry matter, crude protein and fibers in compared to T1, T3 and T4. Likewise, goats supplemented with T2 attained heavier (p<0.001) daily weight gain, hot carcass weight and rib eye area muscle when compared to those goats supplemented with T1, T3 and T4. In conclusion, protein supplementary diets containing 38% of Acacia toritlis pod (T2) is promising in terms as it provided superior feeding value to goats fed on poor quality roughages followed by diet containing 20% of Acacia tortilis pod (T1) under pastoral management conditions of South Omo. 


Denbela Hidosa* and Asfaw Bistrate

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