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Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality for Animals at Lr&D Station Pharpur, Dikhan and in the Surrounding Areas

Water which is the important, but often overlooked, nutrient. Livestock water requirements are affected by many factors, including size, productivity, diet and environmental conditions. Good water quality and cleanliness can increase water intake and improve livestock production. For this purpose this study was designed to evaluate the water in the area of Paharpur. The water was evaluated for the following important components including Total dissolve solids, Ph of water, Nitrates present in water, Nitrites present in water and Total Hardness of water. In this study total of 250 samples were evaluated for the above factors using laboratory techniques. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) were found in the permissible range (<1000-2999 ppm). The Ph of water was in the range of 6-8.5 pH, that allowable in livestock. For nitrates of the total samples 250 , 53 samples were tested Positive, and for the Nitrites of the total samples, 56 samples were tested positive. For Samples tested for the Total hardness of water The lowest analyzed value of Total Hardness was 60 ppl and the highest value of was 138 ppl. These values are in permissible range will cause no health problems.


Waseem-Ullah, Amjad Ali , Shazeb Khan , Arsalan Khan , Abidullah

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